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  • * 한때 노스시드니에서 명성을 누리던 일식당임.


    * 현재는 retail 보다는 주방 사용 capacity의 60~70%를 central kitchen으로 사용중

    * Retail trading 주5일 짧은 영업시간 11am ~2:30pm 까지만 운영중

    * 건물주 승인 영업시간은 23시까지 가능하고 주류 라이센스 있음

    * 노스시드니 렌트비 시세대비 상당히 저렴함 ($1,760/wk inc. GST)
    실내 100m^2 + outdoor 20m^2

    * 가게 내부 집기 모두 포함(except 스시기계)

    * 리스 남은기간이 짧은것이 흠이기는 하나 이것을 감안하여 매매가격 저렴하게 책정 되었음.

    Financial Guideline:

    Weekly Sales: $10,500 (5 days)

    Rent: $1,755/wk

    Staff Wage: $3,000/wk

    Weekly Profit: $1,400 (Under Management)


    Enquiries to Exclusive Agent

    Alex Young Kim

    Principal / Licensee-in-Charge

    Licensed Real Estate & Business Agent


    Suite 02
    Level 7
    9 Delhi Road
    North Ryde, NSW 2113

    M: 61 414 088 089

    T: 61 2 8007 4989

    Disclaimer: Whilst reasonable care and searches were conducted in preparation of information, I do not guarantee or warrant the accuracy or reliability of the information and I will not be liable for any loss, damage or expense incurred or arising by reason of any person using or relying on the information provided. Buyers should seek advice from their own Advisors.


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