• Burwood 버우드 단기렌트 역 5분거리 3-9월 단기렌트 (원베드,원바쓰,발코니&카팍 포함)
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  • 안녕하세요 이탈리안 커플 친구 부탁으로 단기쉐어 2 베드룸 & 2 바스룸 커플 또는 여자 쉐어생 구합니다.

    - 버우드 역, 웨스트필드, nsw service 모두 도보 5분 거리
    - 최상의 컨디션(BBQ 시설, 시티하버브릿지뷰 넓은 발코니, GYM&POOL은 건물내에는 없습니다)
    - 유닛은 굉장히 넓은 2베드룸, 2바쓰룸, 1카팍 구조이며, 2베드룸(마스터룸, 세컨룸) 카팍사용 가능 쉐어생 두팀을 구합니다. 마스터 해외 휴가로 방 2개를 쉐어로 내놓으며, Pets, 흡연자는 어렵습니다. 미니멈 3개월이나 주수&일정 협의 가능. 키 디파짓 룸당 $100

    >>마스터룸: 06/30-09/22 이용가능, 킹베드1개, 싱글 $520, 커플 $560 /빌,인터넷포함

    >>세컨룸: 04/02-09/22 이용가능, 싱글베드1개, 싱글 $450, 커플 $500 /빌,인터넷포함

    **관련 문의들은 해당 이메일로 부탁드릴께요. 인스펙션 환영입니다. (영어로 소통 선호하지만, 한국어로 주셔도 됩니다)
    >> [email protected]

    There are two rooms for rent, located in Burwood:

    >>Master Room - with super king size bed for a couple with private bathroom (inside the room) (Single $520, Couple $560/w including bill and internet).
    2 weeks bond required. Availability from 30 of June to 22 of September.

    >> Second Room - single bed preferably girls only with private bathroom ($450/w including bill and internet).
    2 weeks bond required. Availability from 2 of April.
    *Please note: There is already a single bed in the room but if you want to bring another person in the same room, you should provide another single bed and in this case the price will be $500/w including bill and internet.

    The apartment is very bright and has a veranda with city view. It is very quiet, there is no noise from the streets or neighbors. Parking available on the street.

    It is located in a very strategic point and just 20 minutes by train from the city.
    The train station is 2 minutes walk, the shopping center 5 minutes walk, there are cinemas, restaurants, etc. There are many bus stations within a few minutes' walk.

    I'm looking for clean, tidy, calm and polite people who know how to share common areas. They should not damage household supplies.
    Smoking or bringing pets is not permitted.
    For any questions or do an inspection please contact me at the following email address:

    [email protected]


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