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  • * Woolworths 슈퍼마켓내에 운영중인 Sushi Izu입니다.

    * Woolworths와 Partnership으로 운영중이며 특이사항은

    1) 렌트비 제로

    2) Maintenance 비용 제로

    3) Refurbishment 조항없음

    *본사에서 10일간의 intensive training 제공하며

    *아주 수월하게 나도 스시가게 오너가 될수 있는 절호의 기회.

    * 모든 대금, sales 결제가 Woolworths 카운터를 통하다보니, 자료가 투명함.

    * Cost Control이 타 매장 비교하여 잘 되어있음
    * Sutherland 지역 residential area 위치하고 있으며 동네 사람들이 쇼핑을 하러 몰리는 지역
    * 현 주인장 6년째 운영중
    * 적당한 사이즈, 매출로 오너 1인 + part time 직원 2인 (on rotation) 으로 구성
    * 매매가에 스시 roll 기계 포함

    Financial Guideline:(based on recent sales)

    - Sales: $10,000/week (plus GST)

    - Rent: $ 0 /week

    - No Outgoings Payable

    - Staff Wage: $1,176/week

    - Owner's Intake: $3,000~3,200/week (1인 오너 웨이지 포함)

    Alex Young Kim
    Principal (Licensee-In-Charge)
    Licensed Real Estate and Business Agent | iDEAL Realty Advisors
    Suite 02,Level 7, 9 Delhi Road, North Ryde, NSW 2000 Australia

    T: +61 414 088 089 | E: [email protected]

    Disclaimer: All information contained herein has been furnished to us by vendor and third party suppliers. We have not verified this information but have no reason to doubt its accuracy. We do not accept any responsibility to any person for its accuracy and do no more than pass it on. Suggested financial guideline may have been impacted by the COVID due to volatile trading conditions. Uploaded photos may not be actual and illustration only. All interested parties should make and rely upon their own inquiries to determine whether or not this information is in fact, accurate.

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